August Sander - Bürgerkinder (Middle-Class Children), 1925

Inkjet print, 2015
Authorized, titled, dated and numbered on a certificate
26 x 18.3 cm
Edition of 150

This image stems from a modern print produced on the basis of Sander's original large-format glass plate negative, authorized by the photographer's grandson and long-standing executor of his estate, Gerd Sander, and was processed by Jean-Luc Differdange, SK Stiftung Kultur's photographer specialized in the development of August Sander modern prints.

Bürgerkinder (Middle-Class Children) provides a good example of the extent to which Sander’s photographs are drawn from life. With caution, and with respect for the children, Sander places his camera at eye level with them. They look straight into his lens, not without bravely positioning themselves, holding each other’s hands, their feet placed neatly side to side, anticipating a nice photo of themselves. The siblings complied with their parents’ wish to put on their Sunday best for the big moment, even if the young man’s bow tie is somewhat crooked and he awkwardly puts his hand in his trousers pocket.

August Sander (1867-1964) is famous for the extensive series of portraits from the project Menschen des 20. Jahrhunderts (People of the 20th Century). With this extensive collection, Sander attempted to portray all walks of life in the first half of 20th-century Germany. In December 2006, Foam presented a retrospective of work by August Sander. 

Bürgerkinder (Middle-Class Children), 1925 © Die Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur  

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