Marubi: A dynasty of Albanian photographers

Although Albania doesn't appear in world histories of photography, this Balkan nation still has a unique photographic heritage. 

The Albanian history of photography began with the incredible adventure of an Italian, Pietro Marubi. He was a Garibaldian who found refuge in Albania and settled in Shkodra, the town where he opened the country s first photographic studio in 1858. Two generations would eventually succeed him. The entire Albanian society came to pose in front of the painted backgrounds of the Marubi dynasty. Within a century, the Marubis accumulated more than 120.000 negatives.

This book presents an overview of a century of images that are evocative of a country at the border of the East and the West. 

> The Marubi exhibition at Foam 

139 p.
19x16 cm
English / Albanian
ISBN 978-2953866940 

With an introduction by Ismaïl Kadaré.

€22,95 Incl. tax