Daniel Gordon - Still Lifes, Portraits & Parts

Daniel Gordon approaches photography with the Sensibilities and groups of an object maker. The relationship between sculptural and photographic forms is a major force at play in his work. 

He calls our attention to the surface of the paper, emphatically challenged the notion of a photograph as a window into the world.

The imperfections visible in his constructions are the antithesis of the glossy perfection of photography so much today. Instead, he shares an affinity with painters or sculptors: Those who spend time making things in the studio.

Daniel Gordon was a  Foam Talent  in 2013, winner of the Foam  Paul Huf Award  in 2014 and presented his exhibition  Shadows, Patterns, Pears  at Foam in 2014.

Limited Edition of 1000
102 Pages
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket
25.4 cm x 20:32

€65,00 Incl. btw