Ai Weiwei – Ai Weiwei’s blog

Ai Weiwei – Ai Weiwei’s blog showcases manifestos and immodest proposals from China's most famous artist and activist, culled from his popular blog, shut down by Chinese authorities in 2009.

The artist started blogging in 2006, expressing a steady stream of scathing social commentary, criticism of government policy, thoughts on art and architecture, and autobiographical writings. Writing about the Sichuan earthquake (and posted a list of the schoolchildren who died because of the government's “tofu-dregs engineering”), reminisced about Andy Warhol and the East Village art scene, described the irony of being investigated for “fraud” by the Ministry of Public Security, made a modest proposal for tax collection.

Then, on June 1, 2009, Chinese authorities shut down the blog. This book offers a collection of Ai's notorious online writings translated into English—the most complete, public documentation of the original Chinese blog available in any language.

7 in x 9 in
58 photographs (Black and White)
336 pages (40 shorter pages 20 x 30 cm)
Publication date: March 2011

€20,00 €12,00 Incl. tax
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