Brassaï - Best of Paris

A compelling and pocket volume of celebrated photographer Brassaï’s most iconic photographs of Paris, the city of love.

Brassaï’s photographs embody the very essence of Paris, from winsome children playing in Paris’s public gardens to amorous couples on amusement park attractions, from opera and ballet stars to prostitutes and vagabonds, from cobblestone alleyways to ephemeral graffiti.

Shortly before his passing in 1984, Brassaï illustrated how the city of Paris had served as a great source of inspiration for him. The various photographs within the book display the diverse facets of Brassaï’s love for Paris: from the nostalgic city that he discovered as a child in the 1900s to the fleeting and ever-changing graffiti on the city’s walls; from the revelers in the Bohemian bars and clubs of the Années Folles to his reciprocal artistic exchange with Picasso in their portrayals of 1930s Paris; and finally to Brassaï’s vision of an eternal Paris, in which he captured everyday Parisians at leisure and elevated the familiar to the sublime.

21 x 15 x 2,2 cm
120 photographs
158 pages 
Publication date: June 2017

€10,00 €7,00 Incl. tax
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