SOLD OUT / Daniel Shea - 43-35 10th Street


Shea was awarded the Paul Huf Award in Amsterdam for this work, given annually to an outstanding photographer under 35. The book ambitiously explores the rapacious processes of recent real estate development which he observed daily from his Long Island City home. Combining observations of his neighborhood with impressions from the Modernist icon Brasilia and the arid Searles Valley he looks at architecture: its surfaces, its forms and its designs. In concrete he finds aesthetic pleasure and a connection to Modernism’s aspirations and failures – both ripe for fetishization. He looks too at reflections, challenging the photographer’s position documenting or fashioning the world around them. These planes are saturated with meanings; with time, connections start to be deciphered.

Soft cover
288 pages
24x27 cm
Published by Kodoji, 2018

€62,00 Incl. tax
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