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Ina Jang - A Rose, 2009

Signed, dated, titled and numbered on a label
41 cm x 56 cm
Edition of 15 + 1 AP

A delightful image by fashion photographer Ina Jang, A Rose. Here, the artist playfully layers the single stem flower with white paper punch-out dots.

‘I create images that are minimal and two-dimensional by layering people, places and things to precisely execute ideas, with the intention of discarding information. Because I want the ideas to be tangible, the process becomes rigorously physical and related to my personal experience in terms of making photographs; it often contains cutting, gluing and pasting mundane objects from real life, such as paper and cotton wool balls.’

‘The photographs are often figurative and anonymous, casting a suspicion upon the photograph's agenda. I allow the viewers to question whether they are truly subjects or merely objects. My works explore concepts of photography and its physicality, while their contents rely hugely on a playful mind, inspired by the time I spent with my sister when we were away from family and friends.’

The work of photographer Ina Jang, which is profoundly influenced by fashion and design, exhibits a unique aesthetic, one that has been described as dreamy, surreal, minimal, and light-hearted.

Born in South Korea in 1982, Jang relocated to New York to pursue her BFA in photography from the School of Visual Arts. In 2012, she finished the school’s MPS program in fashion photography. While Jang’s photography is closely related to fashion imagery, her work is differentiated by a playful exploration of dimensionality. More specifically, Jang often obscures parts of her models’ bodies—either with items such as purses and shoes or flat pieces of paper—thus emphasizing the two-dimensionality of the photographic medium.

Jang’s work has been highlighted in publications including The New York Times Magazine, British Journal of Photography, and Dear Dave  Magazine, among others. Her work has been exhibited internationally, and she currently live and works in Brooklyn, New York.

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