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Jaap Scheeren - This gave my potential a boost, 2012

Numbered and signed
Image: 28 x 35 cm (paper: 33 x 40 cm)
Edition of 30

Also available in:
50 x 60 cm
Edition of 10

95 x 120 cm
Edition of 3

Seahorse is supposed to be very good for a man's potency according to ancient medicine. The title of this work, This gave my potential a boost, suggest that Jaap Scheeren tried it, with good results.

A refreshing maladjustment, inventive dynamism and an original approach features the work of Jaap Scheeren. With a recognizable and slightly absurdist style he explores the relationship between reality and reliability in photography. Scheeren introduces the audience to his world, a world in which he withdraws from visual conventions and other rules and where he unleashes his own associations.

‘The world is not ruled by order nor by logic. I show the dormant underworld beneath the varnish of everyday reality. I skim through books, the daily papers, internet... taking notes of unusual facts, ridiculous titbits, derisory accomplishments and disconcerting discoveries made as if to pass unnoticed in the printed columns. From such starting points I will then build up the photographic image. But sometimes I find these eccentricities in front of me and there’s no need to execute these carefully schemed plans. I tell different stories at the same time and every story is related to the other because it’s related to me. My practice investigates the narrow links between reality and reliability, often with a focus on the strange relationship between beautiful environments and their inhabitants. I search for a plausible made world, one I can adjust to my view of it. An image on the verge of reality.’ - Jaap Scheeren.

Jaap Scheeren (b. 1979) studied at the St Joost Academy in Breda and exhibited his work widely since graduating in 2003, including the Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam, Fotofestival Naarden, W 139 and De Balie, Amsterdam, Villa Noailles, Hyères Festival International de Mode et Photographie, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, 6th International Biennial of Photography and Visual Arts, Liège, and at the Gallery Michalsky Dvor in Bratislava, Slovakia.

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