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Johan van der Keuken - Bergen buiten, bergen binnen, 1975

Pigment archival print: digital Epson print on barite paper
Authorized, titled, dated and numbered on a label
Image size: 36 x 24 cm
Edition of 150

Johan van der Keuken shot this image in France in 1975. On the bed in the room, rolled up sheets create an image of a mountainous landscape. Looking through the window the same shapes of the mountains echo in the distance. In the majority of Van der Keuken's work there is a second frame, within the image. This second frame questions our spatial perception. What is inside and what is outside, what is real and what reflects our inner sense of space? Due to the strong light and dark contrast, this game of frames is even more explicit.

Johan van der Keuken (1938 – 2001) was a Dutch photographer, filmmaker and documentary maker who was schooled in Paris as a cineaste. His prolific career spanned more than four decades in which he published nine photobooks and made fifty-five documentaries.

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