Morad Bouchakour - Menhattan, 2009

Special Edition
Book including C-print ('Thomas' or 'Shaikima')
Signed and numbered on a label
29.5 x 23 cm
Edition of 33

Always interesting in Morad Bouchakour’s work is the tension between the looseness inherent of reportage photography and the control of studied, lit portraiture. Morad’s work pulls on both ends of that rope. His version of engaged street photography is both random and posed.

The city of New York poses for Morad as well. As he pounds the pavement, the city offers up all types. These are not pictures that could be made in a studio. In the studio, reality is composed. On the streets, reality is the composer. In Morad’s lens, the captured image could be going in either direction. -Text written by Kathy Ryan, Photo Editor of The New York Times Magazine.

Morad Bouchakour was born in Brussels on 8 November 1965, the son of an Algerian father and a Dutch mother. He spent his formative years in Amsterdam. In 1995 he graduated from the Royal Academy of Art (Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten) in The Hague. He then relocated to New York to work as a freelance photographer. In 1996 he became the First Dutch photographer selected to take part in the World Press Photo Masterclass. The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture awarded him an incentive grant in 1997.

He brings together a variety of disciplines. Both his independent photography and his commissions for international magazines and advertising agencies are characterized by the proximity he maintains between the camera and his subject, to create strikingly spontaneous and intimate images.

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