Paul Bogaers - Pataphysical Hide, 2015/2016

29 x 32 x 22 cm
Digital C-print mounted on wood, papier maché, object (book), pigments
Edition of 5 (handcrafted, so each of them slightly different; also the dimensions can vary somewhat)

In the past five years, Paul Bogaers’ work has developed from two-dimensional studies to the three-dimensional domain of assemblage, sculpture and installation, where photography plays a vital role. Bogaers also uses papier-mâché – a material not often embraced by fine artists.

Association and suggestion have been important aspects of Bogaers’ visual language from the outset. With his combinations of photographs, often using ‘objets trouvés’ such as amateur photographs, pages torn from books and other visual material, he invites the viewer to discover surprising links. Bogaers has never contented himself with the power of photography to reproduce exact representations of the visible world around us. In contrast, he’s constantly searching for ways to capture the internal world in images. Bogaers combines various media in an attempt to push the absolute limits of photography as an artistic medium.

Paul Bogaers (Tilburg, 1961) studied at the Academie voor Beeldende Kunst in Tilburg. He has previously had solo exhibitions at Foam, het Nederlands Fotomuseum (Rotterdam), Museum De Pont (Tilburg) and took part in group exhibitions at W139 (Amsterdam), De Beyerd (Breda) and FoMu (Antwerp).

Paul Bogaers has published several books, including the photography books Upset Down (2010) and Stereosophic Conjunctions (2016).

This edition is handmade, using existing objects so each edition is slightly different; the dimensions may also vary slightly. The work is equipped with a hanging system and is carefully packed.
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