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Peter Puklus - 2813 (Elevated Pots), 2011, B.St.

Inkjet print
Signed, titled, dated and numbered on a label
50 x 35.5 cm
Edition of 10

This work by the Hungarian artist Peter Puklus is from the series Handbook to the Stars (2012). This project is an attempt by Puklus to paint a picture of his own universe and to provide an insight into how his photos relate to one another – like galaxies that are relatively close to each other and held together by their own gravity.

This edition has been exhibited during the exhibition Handbook to the Stars in Foam 3h in 2013 and was published in Foam Magazine’s 2013 Talent Issue.

Peter Puklus (b. 1980, Romania) is a Hungarian artist and photographer. He is currently finishing his DLA (Doctor of Liberal Arts) in photography at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest. In 2012 he published two books: Handbook to the Stars (Stokovec, Space for Culture) and One and a half meter (Kehrer Verlag).  In 2016 Puklus published ‘The Epic Love Story of a Warrior‘ at Self Publish, Be Happy, London. Also in 2016 he produced three solo exhibitions in Germany: ‘New Works‘ at Conrads Gallery, Düsseldorf, ‘Unsafe to Dance‘ in C/O Berlin, Berlin and ‘One and a half meter‘ in Robert Morat Gallery, Berlin.

Puklus is represented by Robert Morat Gallery in Berlin and Hamburg, by Conrads Gallery in Düsseldorf and by Trapéz Gallery, Budapest.

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