Polly's Picture Show - Out of Shape, 2015

Polly's Picture Show
Out of Shape, 2015
Box with 9 photographic works
34 x 24 x 6,5 cm
Edition of 50 

During a 5 week residency Polly's Picture Show worked towards developing a publication that would combine work by 9 artists in a way that values the particularity and individuality of each work. The publication had to be more than a catalogue for a show, it had to be an art piece in itself, and that's how it found it's final form of a show in the shape of a box.
Each artist contributed to the project by submitting a work. Polly's Picture Show then looked for the fitting print technique, color, size and paper to reproduce this work in an edition
of 50. Like Duchamp's Boîte-en-valise all works have their own existence in the publication which together forms the concept of a show where the works enter into a dialogue.

This 'show in the shape of a box'contains the following works:

  1. Lotte Reimann - Nude Sitting
    59 x 41,5 cm, silkscreen (C/M/Y) on 90 grams paper

  2. Fleur van Dodewaard - Kube
    18  x 21 cm, litho (K) on 300 grams paper

  3. Ruth van beek - House plant with vanilla ice cream
    21 x 29 cm, silkscreen (K/Vanilla ice cream) on 120 grams paper

  4. Anna de Jong - Montage
    21  x 29,7 cm, silkscreen (Green/Red) on 45 grams paper

  5. Anne Huijnen - Mixed Signals #1
    21  x 29,7 cm, silkscreen (K) on wood

  6. Suzanne Posthumus - Gum
    29,7 x 42 cm, silkscreen (C/M/Y/K) on plastic bag

  7. Hanne Lillee - The texture felt familiar
    One sculpture existing out of two objects
    1: 29 x 27 x 15 cm,  silkscreen (K) Laser cut out of cardboard
    2: 19 x 18 x 9 cm, silkscreen (Brown) Laser cut out of cardboard

  8. Samara Scott - Self portrait
    21 x 29,7 cm, inkjet (full color)

  9. Isabelle Wenzel - Plant10
    60 x 87 cm, silkscreen (K) on newspaper


Polly's Picture Show was founded in 2011 by Anne Huijnen, Anna de Jong, Suzanne Posthumus & Isabelle Wenzel. Anna de Jong and Anne Huijnen continued the project in April 2015 with the two of them.

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