Foam Fan+ | Extra advantages for two

Foam Fan+: For photography lovers who enjoy visiting Foam together. Share your membership and always bring someone along, free of charge.

As a Foam Fan+ you support our museum with just €20 more. A great advantage is the option of sharing your membership: you can always bring someone along, free of charge. For instance, to openings, previews, tours, and of course to the museum itself. Each year, in addition to the benefits of the standard Foam membership, you will receive an issue of Foam Magazine and you can participate in a Foam photography workshop (priced at €50).

The Foam Fan+ fee is €59 per year. If you opt for automatic annual renewal of your membership, you will receive an annual discount of €5 reducing your fee to €54. Deal: become a Foam Fan+ now and get 50% discount on this year’s membership! Until the end of the year, you only pay € 29,50 / € 27.The membership year runs from 1 January through 31 December. If you sign up now, your membership is valid until 31 December 2018.

> Become a Foam Fan+ member (auto renewal, €27) 
> Gift membership (€29,50)

- Free access to Foam and ten renowned photography museums abroad
- Exclusive member activities, such as private tours and previews
- Invitations to all Foam exhibitions
- Priority access and discounts for public events
- 20% discount on a one-year subscription to Foam Magazine
- 10% discount on purchases in the Foam bookstore

€59,00 €29,50 Incl. tax