Foam Magazine #17: Portrait?

This issue focuses on unique interpretations of the photographic portrait. Presenting six portfolios that together showcase new possibilities and new directions that have been given to classic portraiture. An implicit questioning of the genre, in which the furthest ends of the spectrum are consciously thought.

In African Spirits, Samuel Fosso transforms himself into some of the most important icons in Africa’s modern history. Facing the doors of an elevator, always in the same place and situation Bill Sullivan photographed strangers for his series Stop Down. Investigating how much you can learn about a person through their material legacy, Kristina Stark, Nanna de Wilde and Terese Bolander created portraits in ongoing project Jenny*1910ϯ2006 documenting the belongings of a deceased person they didn’t know.

Also included, an extensive interview with Mariko Takeuchi discussing the current state of Japanese photography. Plus an ‘On My Mind’ feature from 6 cultural figures talking about images on their minds and plenty of book reviews.

ISBN 9789070516123
Published Winter 2008
178 pages
Printed on selected specialized paper
Case bound
300x230x13 mm
740 grams / 0.74 kg

Contributing Artists and Photographers
Samuel Fosso, Franziska von Stenglin, Bill Sullivan, Nanna de Wilde, Kristina Stark & Terese Bolander, Koos Breukel, Walter Schels

Contributing Writers
Sarah Baxter, Ferdinand Brueggemann, Marcel Feil, Sebastian Hau, Beate Lakotta, Camilla Larsson, Laura Noble, Olu Oguibe, Han Schoonhoven, Aaron Schuman

Foam Magazine is an international photography magazine published three times a year by Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam.

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