Foam Magazine #28: Talent (2011)

The fifth annual Talent Issue showcases the work of 15 young talented photographers aged between 18 - 35 selected from Foam’s annual Talent Call. Chosen from over 800 portfolios submitted from 57 countries – the Talent Issue aims to collate and investigate the future of photography.

Providing an annual overview of the work of young artists, the Talent Issues look to who will likely impact developments within the photographic field, questioning and confirming the limitations of the medium all at once.

Also included, an extensive interview with James Reid, Director of Wallpaper* sharing his vision of commissioning and collaborating with young renowned photographers of our time. Plus an ‘On My Mind’ feature from 6 cultural figures talking about images on their minds and plenty of book reviews.

Contributing Artists and Photographers
Renato Abreu, Lucas Blalock, Raphaël Dallaporta, Fleur van Dodewaard, Jessica Eaton, Tim Gutt, Mayumi Hosokura, Alessandro Imbriaco, Ina Jang, Mirko Martin, Ivor Prickett, Florian van Roekel, Gosha Rubchinsky, Alberto Salván Zulueta, Katrien Vermeire, Ester Vonplon

Contributing Writers
Nick Compton, Marcel Feil, Anne/Celine Jaeger, Sebastian Hau

Foam Magazine is an international photography magazine published three times a year by Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam.

Foam Magazine is sponsored by Igepa Netherlands BV, supplier of excellent paper.

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