Foam Magazine #33: Trip

Enacting the theme of travel with this issue of Foam Magazine, are eight quite different portfolios, featuring eight diverse journeys.

Appreciating that travel can range from the literal to the adventures we all take in our heads, Trip visits the 19th century with Nils Strindberg and surviving images of a fatal polar expedition. Todd Hido takes us through the muddy country roads in the west United States whilst Cristina De Middel introduces us to the spacemen of Africa with her series The Afronauts. Offering us a trip of a different kind, Erwin Olaf’s Paradise images have qualities reminiscent of a nightmare. All the portfolios featured travel through a diverse landscape of contemporary photography without having to exert any actual physical effort.

Also included, an extensive interview with Roma Publications, one of the most prominent independent art publishers in the Netherlands. Plus an ‘On My Mind’ feature from 6 cultural figures talking about images on their minds and plenty of book reviews.

ISBN 9789070516284
Published Winter 2012
216 pages
Printed on selected specialized paper
Swiss bound
300x230x16 mm
864 grams / 0.86 kg

Contributing Photographers and Artists
Dirk Braeckman, Ricardo cases, Todd Hido, Jan Hoek, Paul Den Hollander, Thomas Mailaender, Anne Sophie Merryman, Cristina De Middel, Erwin Olaf, Nils Strindberg

Contributing Writers
Adam Bell, Jörg Colberg, Marcel Feil, Sebastian Hau, Max Houghton, Ian Jeffrey, Hester Keijser, Bill Kouwenhoven, Sean O’Toole, Katya Tylevich, Natacha Wolinski

Foam Magazine is an international photography magazine published three times a year by Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam.

Foam Magazine is sponsored by Igepa Netherlands BV, supplier of excellent paper.

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