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For the first time, an issue has been entirely devoted to the work of just one artist: William Klein. An artist whose career spans six decades in the fields of painter, photographer, filmmaker and graphic designer. This issue assembles the expansive and diverse work Klein created over the course of his rich and provocative career.

An undeniable pioneer, Klein’s social visionaries began in 50s New York travelling globally but eventually settling in Paris. His work experimented with the boundaries of photography of the time, shooting from unexpected perspectives, ignoring all the mediums rules and using his camera to transform his observations of the world. Klein manoeuvred amongst formats, producing some of the most relevant photobooks of the era as well as playing with fashion photography for some years; where he satirised the very industry that was celebrating him. Moving at one point to film, he created films that provided an insight to his standpoint as the outsider.

Documenting an extensive collection selected from every area of his work, this issue illustrates exactly what makes William Klein such an innovator and how he became such an unparalleled influence.

ISBN 9789070516321
Published December 2013
220 pages
Printed on selected specialized paper
Swiss bound
300x230x15 mm
905 grams / 0.91 kg

Contributing Photographers and Artists
Anton Corbijn, William Klein

Contributing Writers
David Campany, Marcel Feil, Sebastian Hau

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