Heleen Peeters - Horse, 2020

Special edition of the book Horse (2020) 
Combination of book and inkjet print on Epson satin paper
Image: 30 x 20 cm
Edition of 25 + 2AP
Signed and numbered

The human and the horse share a long history together. From being working animals with a practical purpose, to being domestic pets with a moral status. A less documented part of that history is the horse serving as food. In 1948 the grandfather of documentary photographer Heleen Peeters (1988, BE) began a business in what many now consider to be taboo: horse meat. At that time, people were poor, recovering from the struggles of World War II. The meat was in demand, offering high quality produce for an affordable price. But now, 70 years later, the horse meat industry is falling into decline.

Starting at the family business in Belgium, Peeters explored horse culture around the world. She took photographs, spoke to specialists, wrote about her experiences, browsed archives, collected equestrian paintings and watched horse movies. In her book she navigates from breeders, competitions and rescue centers to slaughterhouses, factories and butchers.

Heleen Peeters (1988, BE) studied photography at London College of Communicated in the United Kingdom; afterwards she obtained a master’s degree in photographic studies at Leiden University in The Netherlands.
Her work focusses on documentary storytelling. She does not see photography as a window to world, but as a reality with an interpretation. Therefore, in her projects she combines her voice as an author with multiple perspectives – those of the subject, the public media or other artists – and allows them to respond to each other. Editing and processing all these materials, creating a new fictional space for imagination.
Peeters draws inspiration from her fascination with existentialism - themes such as the right to exist and transience run as the leitmotif through her series. She sees photography as the ideal medium to explore these issues: creating permanent documents that show a world in constant change.

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