Jaclyn Wright - High Visibility (Blaze Orange)

Published September 2023
Essay by R H Lossin
165 x 240 mm
192pp, Duotone and 4 colour
ISBN 978-1-915423-02-3

Jaclyn Wright is an American multi-disciplinary artist and educator. Her work incorporates archival images, in-camera collages using a large format view camera, performance, and photographic installations. 

High Visibility (Blaze Orange) by Jaclyn Wright is an incisive inquiry into the entangled realities of land use, settler colonialism, and environmental impact in Utah's West Desert. Wright's multi-layered approach weaves together archival imagery, site-specific debris, and photographic installations to critique the enduring legacy of colonial ideologies on "public" lands. She prompts a critical reflection on the privatization of these lands, the environmental degradation emblemized by the drying Great Salt Lake, and the historical dispossessions of indigenous territories. Wright’s artistic narrative, highlighted by the stark blaze orange remnants of human activity, serves as a potent visual dialogue on the American West's past and present, urging a reconsideration of our ecological and sociopolitical footprints.

This series is part of the Foam Talent exhibition that is on display in Foam until the 22nd of May 2024.

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