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Laure Sée - The Brazilian Coconut, 2021

Inkjet print, framed in a wooden frame
26 x 18,8 cm
Edition of 100 + 2AP
Signed and numbered on a separate label

First framed works will be ready in the week of 8 January 2024.

What if happiness lies in the little details? The little things, little gestures we've grown so accustomed to that we overlook them. Often struggling through paralyzing thoughts, Laure Sée initiated this series as a therapeutic journey in an attempt to rediscover the present moment. 
This visual exploration aims to capture the immersive power of the daily, the invisible. It’s a remedy. Or perhaps a habit. With a simple quest : putting an end to an underlying and overwhelming dissatisfaction. The focus is on avoiding dwelling on the past or worrying about the future; instead, it encourages opening our eyes to the things happening right here, right now, and paying attention to the emotions that come along. 

In her attempt to reflect on the core of her own living experience, Sée returns to the essence of photography, capturing these moments of grace. By attributing significance to the ordinary – be it things, places, or instants – she enables us to reconnect with emotions that are often overlooked. While each photo bears witness to the artist's intimate experience, they collectively speak to us about light, color, and beauty, offering an alternative and poetic truth. The titles are evocative of the chosen moment and its beauty, and are at times tinged with a hint of irony.

Laure Sée (b. 1986) is a French photographer and a visual artist. She had a master degree in interior architecture and design in Paris, before starting her career in fashion photography. She was working as part of a photographic duo in Berlin until 2018. She pursued her practice since then, working at the intersection of commissioned and autonomous photography.
Sée employs a distinctive approach by reworking on prints and blending various mediums to add depth and disrupt the immediate interpretation of her images. The use and impact of colors play a significant role in her work. Her personal series delve into the exploration of human fragility, as she maintains a particular interest in themes that question intimacy, vulnerability and our emotional intelligence.
Sée lives and works in Paris.

The First Edition is a unique chance to buy work by young talent for an attractive price. Four times a year Foam Editions presents a new photographer, carefully selected by Foam Editions. With this initiative Foam Editions facilitates a connection between young photographers and (potential) collectors. Previous First Editions were made by among others Paul Cupido, Sem Langendijk, Kevin Osepa, Lisette Appeldorn, Sarah van Rij and Suzette Bousema.

This set of Laure Sée is exclusively for sale at Foam Editions for a limited period of time, until the end of February 2024.

The framed print will be carefully wrapped and send as an insured package. You will receive an e-mail with a Track & Trace code when the package is on its way. A copy will soon be on display at Foam Editions, the gallery on the third floor of Foam Fotografiemuseum.
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