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Olgaç Bozalp - Indonesia, May 2016

Inkjet print
60 x 40 
Edition of 6 + 2AP
Signed and numbered on a separate label

Why do people choose to leave their home for another place? In Finding Home the artist Olgaç Bozalp (Turkey, 1987) explores cultural identity and migration. Bozalp uses his own experience as a migrant and also looks at the broader aspects of forced migration, opportunities, and childhood memories. He moved from Turkey to London to become a photographer and wanted to understand why people choose to leave their homeland.
In collaboration with stylist Raphael Hirsch as art-director, this project combines stylish images with documentary photography. Bozalp has been working on this project since 2018, when he briefly returned to Turkey. His photos show why people decide to leave. He explores the emotional aspects of migration, finding a home in new environments, and the feeling of nostalgia for what is left behind.

The faceless portraits tell the stories of migrants and are a critique of the media, which often depict migrants as detached individuals. Instead, Bozalp honours them by capturing their personal identity and promoting cultural awareness.

Olgaç Bozalp (1987, Turkey) is a visual artist with a fictional approach to documentary photography. His photographic research explores topics connected to travel, cultural identity, and migration. Through the juxtaposition of Western and non-Western beauty, masculinity, and femininity, his art promotes a more diversified understanding of these concepts and challenges their traditional roles.
Bozalp became Foam Talent in 2022. His photographs have been published by T Magazine, Dazed, Le Monde, and Atmos as well as exhibited in Aperture Gallery, Unseen, National Portrait Gallery and Sharjah Art Foundation.

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