Raphaël Dallaporta - Antipersonnel (signed)


Raphaël Dallaporta was selected as a Foam Talent in 2011. You can see more of his work in Foam Magazine #28: Talent Issue

About the book
"One of photography’s great strength is its ability to catalogue and record the world in which we live. The simplicity and clarity that photography offers has both commercial and artistic possibilities. In more recent years there has been a trend towards documentary photographers isolating one particular aspect of society and exploring this in great detail.

Raphaël Dallaporta presents the most chilling example of this genre by photographing antipersonnel landmines. These strange ugly objects also have a certain disturbing beauty to them. We hear about the damage that landmines inflict on innocent victims long after the purpose of their planting has lapsed. They of course are hidden underground before exploding. I had never seen a landmine in real life or in a photograph until discovering Dallaporta’s images. It was a revelation. We now learn that hundreds of types of landmines exist and the variety of design, appearance, shape and design is incredible.

Because Dallaporta has photographed these objects in the way an advertising photographer might render a shampoo bottle, he glorifies these objects and yet appears totally neutral in his approach. It is a most clever trick, so much so that we hardly notice he has done it."

- Martin Parr

Publication Antipersonnel by R. Dallaporta with introduction by Martin Parr.

(c) Éditions Xavier Barral, 2010
ISBN: 978-2-915173-68-0. 
Musée Elysée Lausanne

Including postface by Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and ambassador for ICBL and a conversation with Philippe Houliat, mine disposal expert.

Illustrated with dye destruction prints (Ilfochrome) 24 x 30 cm

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