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Senta Simond - Anaïs, 2017

Inkjet print
63 x 45 cm
Edition of 15+2AP
Signed, titled, dated and numbered on a label

Senta Simond's work focuses on an intimate approach to the female body and portraiture. Her photographs feature a circle of acquaintances and respond to existing, and too often clichéd, representation of femininity. Simond doesn’t take her photographs on a built set but against a white background, often a white wall in the domestic surroundings of the model herself. The equipment is simple. The level of trust between the model and the photographer is high. This minimal method allows Simond to get close to her subjects. Model and photographer move around each other which results into unexpected and dynamic perspectives. Simond tries to capture the intimate moments, undirected. The portrayed women are strong and soft at the same time.

This specific work was part of the exhibition Foam 3h: Senta Simond - Rayon Vert. It takes its title, Rayon Vert, from a rare optical phenomenon of green flashes and rays that occur shortly after sunset or before sunrise. A green spot is visible for a short period of time above the sun, or a green ray shoots up from the sunset point. When this phenomenon occurs is never predictable. To Simond this rare moment is a metaphor for photography and the magic that can happen between a photographer and her model. Rayon Vert is also the title of a film by the French director Eric Rohmer from 1986 that had an important influence on Simond’s working method and the image language. The exhibition Foam 3h: Senta Simond - Rayon Vert was on display in 2018.

After a period studying aesthetic and theory of cinema at the University of Lausanne Senta Simond enrolled at ECAL School of Art (Switzerland) where she completed an M.A. in Photography, with honours. Her work has been nominated for Aperture/Paris Photo First Book 2017,Unseen Dummy Award 2017, PrixPhoto Forum 2017, BJP Ones to Watch 2018 and Mack First Book Award 2018. She is the winner of Swiss Design Awards 2018. Born in Geneva, she currently lives and works in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.

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