Foam Magazine #5: Near

How can photography capture an emotional nearness and do justice to feeling of security and humanity? Exploring the theme of Near – a profound personal engagement with the subject is the link that connects these six portfolio’s from this range of photographers.

Featuring the nightmare of the Chechnyan nightmare Stanley Greene captures raw human suffering bringing is suddenly closer to home with imposing photographs appealing directly to our humanity. Invisible City by Ken Schles examines life in the big city where the boundary between anonymity and intimacy is often diffuse and delicate. Ellen Mandemaker contributed a unique view of the world that many would consider private holiday snaps, sharing a disarming intimacy and humanity in her project Album.

Plus NASA’s images of planet Mars function at the leitmotif, amply illustrating the relativity of distance. Something that is far, far away is suddenly brought near.

ISBN 9789075380828
Published April 2004
154 pages
Printed on selected specialized paper
Case bound
300x230x10 mm
643 grams / 0.64 kg

Bernard F.Eilers, Peter Fraser, Stanley Greene, Annaleen Louwes, Ellen Mandemaker, Ken Schles

Thomas Beller, Merel Bem, Marcel Feil, Frederik Huygen, Edie Peters, Anneke van Veen, Rachel Withers

Foam Magazine is an international photography magazine published three times a year by Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam.

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