Jack Davison - Photographs

Jack Davison's first monograph Photographs features his work from 2007 to present. Photographs shows Davison experimental approach to image making. Shadows, layers, crisp sharpness in contrast with dissolving parts and tight framing assemble surreal and sensual images of the daily life. Through portraits, landscapes and still lifes his cinematic work plays with perception and imagination. 

Born and raised in Essex, in rural England, Jack Davison subsequently moved to Conventry in the West Midlands, where he studied English literature at Warwick University. As a photographer, he is self-taught. Since the age of fifteen, Davison has always taken his camera with him, constantly photographing his family and friends, strangers, and surroundings. ‘I lived in the countryside and my main access to seeing pictures was via the Internet. So it would be a case of me stumbling into people’s work and collecting things that I saw that struck a chord with me.’

Davison is represented by Mini Title, a photographic agency from London and works for numerous publications including New York Times Magazine, M Le Monde, Luncheon, Double & British Vogue. In 2016 his work was exhibited at Foam.  

136 pages
Linnen hardcover
24 x 25,5 x 1 cm 
1,1 kilograms
ISBN 9781912719075

€46,00 Incl. btw
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