Don McCullin — the definitive edition


The updated retrospective published for McCullin's 80th birthday. 
Contains 40 new unpublished photographs and a new introduction — the definitive edition.

McCullin’s reputation has long been established as one of the greatest photographers of conflict in the last century. 

In the fourteen years since the first publication of the book, McCullin has shed the role of war photographer and become a great landscape artist. 

He has also travelled widely through Africa, India, the Middle East and among the tribes living in Stone Age conditions in Indonesia. His journey from the back streets of north London to his rural retreat in the depths of Somerset is unparalleled. It includes a passage through the most terrible scenes of recent history, for which his stark views of the West Country offer him some redemption.

Don McCullin grew up in north London. He worked for the Sunday Times for eighteen years and covered every major conflict in his adult lifetime until the Falklands War. The finest British photojournalist of his generation, he has received many honours and awards including the CBE. He lives in Somerset.

359 pages
ISBN 9781910702017 

€69,95 Incl. btw
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