Foam Album 08

Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam is proud to present Foam Album 08, a lavish, illustrated account of what Foam had to offer in 2008, as well as a handsome photo book with surprising work by known and lesser known photographers.

Photography is given free rein in the second edition of Foam Album: the emphasis is on the images. All photographers who collborated with Foam on exhibitions, publications or projects in the past year have contributed an image from 2008 that had special meaning for them. It is a genereous gesture that has produced a unique collection. Thus, this Foam Album, which brings together all the exhibitions of the past year in text and images, illustrates what Foam strives to be: a place where photography is exhibited in all its forms, from advertising and fashion to documentary and journalistic work, contemporary and historical.


Taryn Simon

Jessica Dimmock

Daniel & Geo Fuchs

Expanding the City

Malick Sidibé

Domingo Milella

Kors van Bennekom

Pieter Hugo

Miyako Ishiuchi

Helen Levitt

Kees Scherer

Viviane Sassen

Foam 3h
Joost Vandebrug

Ruth van Beek

Stella Faber


Audrey Corregan

Erik van der Weijde

Monika Bielskyte
€19,95 Incl. btw
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