Foam Album 13


This is the seventh edition of Foam Album, an overview of a year of Foam, full of exhibitions, events, projects, workshops, artists’ talks, openings and much more.

This year we look back by talking to the people we worked with in 2013. Mainly photographers of course, but including partners, particularly relations that empowered Foam in many different ways. As a museum we truly believe in the power of two. Whatever shape or time a connection takes, a shared love of photography is always the start.

Foam Album 13 gives you a glimpse of the collaborations of 2013. We want to share with you how others inspired and helped us, how we urged each other on to create bigger things, to try new encounters, to boost creativity and expand our world. We hope that you, as a Foam visitor and a Foam Album reader will feel the same.

Lee Friedlander / Edward Steichen / Stephen Gill / Cristina De Middel / Marnix Goossens / Tim Hetherington / WassinkLundrgen / Peter Puklus / and many more.

€19,95 Incl. btw
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