August Sander - Jungbauern (Young Farmers), 1914

Inkjet print, 2015
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26 x 18 cm
Edition of 150

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This image stems from a modern print produced on the basis of Sander's original large-format glass plate negative, authorized by the photographer's grandson and long-standing executor of his estate Gerd Sander, and was processes by Jean-Luc Differdange, SK Stiftung Kultur's photographer specialized in the development of August Sander modern prints.

The photograph of the three young farmers by August Sander is one of the highlights in the history of photography, and today – published and reviewed over the decades thousands of times worldwide – it is synonymous with the photographer’s photo portraiture. Taken in 1914 and assigned in the twenties to Sander’s comprehensive People of the Twentieth Century concept, it not only documents the Sunday walk taken by the dapper men in rural Westerwald, it also brings home the life of a generation growing up in the shadow of the impending events of World War I – people whose plans for the future will soon be shattered.

August Sander (1867-1964) is famous for the extensive series of portraits from the project Menschen des 20. Jahrhunderts (People of the 20th Century). With this extensive collection, Sander attempted to portray all walks of life in the first half of 20th-century Germany. In December 2006, Foam presented a retrospective of work by August Sander. 

Jungbauern (Young Farmers), 1914 © Die Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur  

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