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Sanne Peper - Total Eclipse (Penumbra), Walhalla, North Carolina, 2017

Special edition of the book Slowtime, Alabama & The Beautiful Sadness
Book + inkjet print
42 x 28 cm
Edition of 25 + 2AP
Signed, dated and numbered on a label

This work was published in Sanne Peper's recently published second book about the deep south of the US: Slowtime, Alabama & The Beautiful Sadness. A fairytale photo/textbook about good and evil, an extreme right-wing squirrel and the fear of others.
About 7 years ago, Peper met an outsider artist in a village in Alabama. She befriended him, his family and his large circle of friends and acquaintances; a community that, despite major differences (old and young, black and white, poor and rich, gay and straight, socialists and illiterate racists, crazy rednecks and God-fearing preachers), still lives in a certain harmony with each other. She photographed there for years, but also wrote: things she experienced, the stories people told her. Because although Peper is a photographer, half of the book consists of a non-fiction story in the form of a fairy tale, in which she tries to tell something about the invisible, that which cannot be photographed; the magic of the place and its inhabitants.
In her photos she tries to achieve that magic in different ways: by using analog film with a coarse, grimy grain; by then scanning the negatives roughly and using the color aberrations instead of correcting them; by using broken lenses, which gives the photos strange distortions.

Sanne Peper (Amsterdam, 1963) graduated in visual arts and photography from ArtEZ in Arnhem (NL).
Her professional practice is based on two pillars, with theater photography on the one hand, and long-term work on autonomous projects in which she relates to the world on the other. She is interested in subjects that are difficult to photograph and, at best, require a cautious approach and depiction, such as xenophobia, religion, violence, the sublime, the atomic bomb, fear of nature and the meaning and influence of history and politics. The main medium is photography, but this is increasingly supplemented by language. Image and text complement each other, but what is created between the two creates an extra space - the area that is open to interpretation by the viewer/reader.

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